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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Arwah Reza

Arwah Reza, originally uploaded by AzFiqs.


I don't even know how to actually start writing this. This guy is a special friend of mine and he just passed away today at age of 27 due to epilepsy. I am utterly shocked when I first heard the news and very, very sad to lose such a great and wonderful friend like him. Our path crossed when we were in college doing our A-Level. We were also in the same house, Topaz. Then, we were housemates for 3 great years at Sheffield went we did our degree. In Malaysia, we live not so far apart from each other, I was in Kajang and he lives in Sg. Ramal Bangi. We always go for futsal together and share a lot of things while on the way there. I am sure I am gonna miss those special moments with you bro... are one of a kind..I'm glad I have met you in my life..Thank you for being such a great friend..A lot of people will miss you terribly especially your family..I will always pray for you and semoga rohmu dicucuri rahmat..Al-Fatihah..


Kak Safurah said...

Got this link form June-Jury.. so shocked to hear abt it and very very sad.. he was such a sweet person. Alfatihah

Kak Safurah said...

Got this link form June-Jury.. so shocked to hear abt it and very very sad.. he was such a sweet person. Alfatihah

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Monkeybox said...

Well, we all have to go at some point or another, Some too old, some too young. Sorry to hear that.

Miss jane said...


Anonymous said...

cute bb :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my he was so young and what a tragedy. His family is in my prayers and I am so sorry for your loss.

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